6th Street Dance Studio is dedicated to the deep study and process of contemporary dance and related arts and urban dance is one of the most important essential American art forms. Previous to the corporate co-opting of urban forms, urban American dance erupted naturally on the scene in Bronx NYC as an alternative to gang violence. B-boys, b-girls, popping, locking, house, vogueing, balls, and all styles ultimately spread throughout the world with roots in African dance, lindy hop, blues, jazz, tap, funk, Capoiera, salsa and martial arts. These styles are passed from individual to individual, with each geographic and cultural location inventing new styles and interpretations that reflect “home.” Aside from dance, Mceeing, Djaying, spoken word, and writing are all a part of the urban arts. The Urban Dance program places emphasis on fundamentals, creativity, daring, free-style and individuality based on the original Zulu Nation hip hop tenets of peace, love, unity, right living and having fun.