Photo Credit: Karime Arabia Photography

Lightbody, developed by Brigid Baker is a technical movement practice, consisting of breathwork and movement tracings and practices initiated on a stool that progresses to standing. The body moves along vibratory lines that connect levels of human electrochemical activity with astrobiological circuits that span the solar system and other resonating systems. These ley lines run through architecture, music and all true art and are the geometric building blocks resulting from energy with a specific direction towards physical manifestation. 

During the practice, the energy body is drawn into the orbit of such lines and systems, releasing or allowing energy movement in an organic and progressive order along these lines. The spatial lightmovement-tracings, breath and sound emanations enable the individual to connect, mobilize, and strengthen the body while expanding body movement, dissolving restrictions and building new neural pathways. This results in greater movement and artistic capabilities, pitch restoration and more orchestrated embodiment, derived from accuracy as opposed to effort. 

Lightbody movement is a multi-dimensional approach to embodiment, rejuvenation, and movement directed towards light infiltration as a mode of body development and consciousness. There is a profound connection between quantum physics, the body, and the spiritual mysteries, and the tracings are connected to that relationship between matter and energy delivery.