The HomeGrown Program is a residency program designed for young professional dancers and musicians of all kinds to encourage the organic growth of a cohesive artistic identity for Miami. It is fostered by intentional proximity, diversity, consistency of study and diversity in forms. By providing space and an instructor, artists come together on a weekly basis. Beginning with one evening per week, the schedule includes a Lightbody class, followed by a jam session, followed by a second class of a different form. The purpose of the two classes is to provide a structure of training that is outside the area of expertise of all participants. The middle jam session is to provide a time of joint andcollaborative working exploration and development as the young artists share information with one another in forms outside of their individual fields of expertise. As peer sharing occurs, collaborations emerge, creating an artistic language and voice that is uniquely of the participants and uniquely Miami.

HomeGrown also offers improvisational jams with dancers and musicians and performance opportunities to show new work. Members of HomeGrown have currently established the Young Choreographers Collective. 

This program is supported in part by a Knight Arts Challenge grant.